Hmonglish Fashion

December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Womanly fashion as I can see,
Jingles with bells and coins on their waist,
Big hats with dangling bead,
A heavy, yet, beautifully manifesting colors on the skirt,
Patterns that are lively and expresses their creativity,
Little girls gracefully dances and prances,
Beads that knocks each other out to make noises,
A metal necklace that weighs around your neck,
With beautifully stainless designs,
With red and blue jeweled sealed into them,
As you looked down onto their ankle,
Laid a pattern of cloth,
Womanly fashion as I can see,
Manly fashion as I can see,
A shirt that tells a story with patterns aside,
A strap that is chained with money like a lady’s purse,
Jingles and mingles as the bells untangles,
See that pants?
Out stretched as in wraps around legs,
Soft and silky as the pants outshined the rest,
See that hat?
It has pattern that says you’re in a tribe,
But on that tepee-top of that hat,
Wobbles a crimson ball,
Manly fashion as I can see,
Womanly fashion as I can see

The author's comments:
This piece is about how the female and male hmong clothes are traditionally from the Hmong culture and how they are different.

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