January 6, 2012
Would you be
A shoulder to
Cry on?
Would you keep me
Safe and warm?
Encircle me
In strong arms
And whisper
Promises of forever
That we both
Know will be
Be at all the concerts
All the soccer games?
Cheer for me
Even when I don't play
Will you be that
Boy from
A fairytale dream
Where anything
Can come true
Be that one
That never leaves
Even if my life
Is ending
And please could you
Not get mad
When I cut myself
And need a friend
Please don't walk away
When I shed tears
So long as you do
These things
I will give you a try
And hope that
This works out
But if the pressure
Gets to me
And I have to leave
Keep in mind that
No matter what happens
I just want
Someone to love me

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