Mirror Happiness

November 12, 2011
The loud music can almost drown
My nervous happiness, hope
To be like you someday
The opposite of what everyone thought
And that is why I love you-
Your crazy life, free and yet
So sad and dark, trapped in
Your own head- the one thing
I cannot throw myself in front of
To keep you whole. Your questions
And my answers, just like us,
Too different not to share
Everything but the color of our eyes
Come together, graceful, uncertain whether
They are wanted, shaking ripples in
The perfect fabric of my life
And the unreadable walls of yours
And we are tossed together, black and
Untouched white, creating the most
Beautiful perfect shade of moonlight
The only thing to light our hearts.
You call out just as I do, and we
Catch each other, both falling, as we
Meet in brave reckless

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