November 12, 2011
By , Kent, WA
Why on earth would she accuse me of something I never even said?
I don’t get it. I couldn’t go.
Then she makes up this whole drastic, horrible, ugly lie my guts couldn’t even take.
I was boiling.
Boiling like a steaming kettle just waiting to burn the inside of that broken, chipped, and unwanted teacup.
Email after email, she tried to make a point.
She and I both knew this whole furious, hurtful, nasty fight
wasn’t getting anywhere but, we kept at it.

We were at war!
Not a fun winter snowball fight.
We were destroying each other’s feelings with stones!
Franticly checking the inbox
with steam climbing out of my ears and tears pouring down my face.
I sat in my wooden chair, starring at the computer, bracing for impact.
My feet were tapping the floor vigorously.
Even though it was the middle of a summer day, my home felt so dark and dreary.
The only spark of light I saw came from the glowing computer I could not keep my red puffy eyes off of.
It was almost as if she planted and gloomy dark cloud above my head, ready to strike me with a bolt of lightning.
Paragraph by paragraph, my anger bottled up more.
Obviously her cap already exploded.
She was on fire with satricness.
I panicked, reading every one of her hurtful comebacks.
We weren’t even fighting about the topic we started with.
We were just typing dark stories full of venom.
I stopped hacking at her feelings.
I waited.
We both waited for an apology.

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