My Ethereal Memory

December 13, 2011
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Standing on a grey-ridged rock wall.
Water rushing on the beach shore.
Children playing in the ocean.
As the wind blew past me the children’s laughter spoke to me.
Waves tumbled against one another trying to reach the rock wall.
Family gathered around the ocean bay
That has carried away the lonely dusty remains of my dad.

The sun shines brightly through the fine layer of clouds.
Radiant blue waves crash against the rock wall.
Splattering us with glistening tears of the ocean.
Wet sand sparkled underneath the hot sun rays.
White marshmallow clouds floated across the sky covering and uncovering the bright sun shine.
Grey ridged rocks glitter as if diamond dust was sprinkled on them.

The crashing sound of water exploding against the shore.
Birds chirped as they fished for their food.
The tapping sound every time I take a stepped further on the rock wall.
The waves swooshed back and forth.

The feeling of rough rocks under my bear feet.
The loneliness and sadness left my body
Peacefulness replaced these feelings.
The height of the rock wall frightened me.
Slipping and sliding along the rocks
Wind whispered passed my ear as the feeling of peace took over my heart.

My ethereal memory keeps me sane through the rough patches in in my life.
My ethereal memory reminds me to be thankful for what I have.
My ethereal memory helps me look to the future in hopes that everything will get better.

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