Precious Lullaby

January 2, 2012
Oh wind i feel shaking,
my house nearly breaking
Peacefully keep taking
my heart that is making
troubled sounds.
My heart is so slowly bearing
A world not needed of hearing
These wings i am tired,
are significantly hiding
If I fly there will be no return
I do not fear the chance
But I abandon the thoughts of any past
Time cannot soar, but the seconds are
passing so fast
Wind i feel taking
My heart nearly aching
A melody of a thousand love songs
Rain i feel falling,
I am juvenile, Calling
Out as if I could shout, enough
For someone to hear
The solo falling tear.
Wind at my back
Search what I lack
Tried not to hide
What was left of my pride
But slowly the world had denied
I, and My precious lullaby.

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