A God Made Blue

January 2, 2012
By MonyLynn GOLD, Star Prairie, Wisconsin
MonyLynn GOLD, Star Prairie, Wisconsin
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I will ensure myself a great place when my end arrives. And even if it seems crazy now, in this tragic world, that’s okay; because the ride there will be just as crazy as the thought.

I was given a glance, and the blue of his eyes caught me in mid-fall.
They told me a story, one so sweet,
I prayed to be a part of them, for his eyes and mine to meet.
I can see them every time I close my own, their story I always recall.
I loved them from the moment I saw, still my breath I cannot catch.
I watched and I wished,
And I cannot believe the memory I call my own, how they shined as we kissed.
Even If I searched, there wouldn’t be a color to match.
I hold those oceans close inside, even as their view is no longer new.
I hope as I cry,
As the moments lessen, those eyes still defy.
And so, I’ll pray to once again, hold a stare with a God made blue.

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