Where I'm From

December 19, 2011
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Where I’m from sounds like the gentle splashing of waves against the sandy shore
The pitter-pat of rabbit’s feet against damp grass in the early morning
The fog horn sounding off the promontory several miles away
The pounding of the harsh rain pelting down on my roof
The joyful screeches of toddlers playing on the neighborhood playground
The loud calls of sea birds soaring in the cloudy sky above

Where I’m from tastes like the fine bits of salt mixed in with the humid air
The tasty Chinese food that my grandmother just prepared in a shiny wok
The crunchy cheerios that my friends always shared with each other
The warm, crisp turkey we always eat on Thanksgiving
The play dough babies always put in their mouths

Where I’m from looks like the tall redwood trees swaying in the ocean breeze
The dusty blue bay slapping the other wave gently
The blanket of mist sweeping over the quiet hills
The beaded dew coating every leaf and branch
The sailboats dancing and twirling on the waves

Where I’m from smells like the dried salt encrusting my sodden clothes from my swim
The fireplace crackling and spitting flames and smoke towards us
The strong pine scent drifting off the lush pine trees
The earthy scent wafting off the dewy grass and trees
The crusty, old books in our library that crack when you pull on the pages

Where I’m from feels like holding all my toddler friends’ hands in a circle
Liquid sunshine pouring down your throat
The hot cocoa my mom would always make us with tiny white marshmallows
The freedom I felt when I got to ride my first bike
Happiness, warmth, and love

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