Desperate Embrace

December 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Why do you have to go?
You told me you would never leave me so

Decisions and fate have not aligned
For now you can never be mine

I’m so sorry for how things worked out
You always told me to never pout

Now every Father’s Day I will visit you here
And make sure your headstone is clear

You’ll never be there for all the important days
But all I can ask for is one more gaze

Mom will always tell me you died a hero
But friends will tell me you died a zero

The metals you earned are up on the walls
And Grandma says its worth nothing at all

She misses your body because they buried you at sea
Now you can never be here with your family

Tomorrow is my birthday and all I want is you
But no matter how hard I kick and scream realization hits me
You and me together made history

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