If I Could, I Would

December 13, 2011
By Littlecrow57 SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
Littlecrow57 SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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If I could make you understand

Put you in my shoes

Let you feel my pain

I would

If I could explain how it feels

Describe the struggles

Inform on the hurt

I would

I want you to know

How this is

How bad this effects me

But you'll never realize

My life is not like yours

I'm in constant pain

But I refuse to show it

So you'll never know

I continue to stay strong

But my words are so weak


It's not that hard to hear

If I could make you understand

I would

But if I could

I'd keep you from ever having to feel

This pain

The author's comments:
This is inspired from living the past couple of years of my life having fibromyalgia and constantly living everyday in pain.

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