Scars of The Garden

December 27, 2011
These thoughts I'm seeing, at first they confused me, I thought I was dreaming but they pierced straight through me, like a need through my flesh, that woke me up after several years, but unlike every other image, this one never disappeared, a bird flies away, and a tree withers down a poor man comes to plant a flower in the ground, it instantly withers and a tear falls down his cheek, his hands are scarred and he plants another flower, refusing to accept defeat. The flowers wither and his scars grow bigger, the blood runs down his shaky fingers, not one gesture to caress his flesh, but denial from creations the man was trying to transcend, but biter roots could always replenish if the stems would not rebel, the shaking man waters and waters just to see his flowers fail, but the man keeps planting, crying out creations of denial, and then I wake up to a world crying out REVIVAL.

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