Dreams and Fireflies

December 27, 2011
By WhenPoetrySpeaks BRONZE, San Angelo, Texas
WhenPoetrySpeaks BRONZE, San Angelo, Texas
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A world of complexity has the power to descend those with simple minds, but the complexity of the human mind has the power to transcend you if you let go of ignorance.

The blackest nights bring fireflies to dance the dark away.
Oh precious Father, I am scared, will they too be erased?
Why were they summoned, and what for, or were they left untamed?
Oh firefly, may I ask why, you dance in the darkest nights?
Do you come to make me dream?
For so beautiful you are to me.
Even in the darkest nights, when I see you I feel alive.
In the midst of every pressure, and in the middle of every fight,
I would come to watch you dance, so gracefully, away the night.
Firefly, don't fly away, you bring peace in every storm.
Even in the coldest nights, you bring to me the greatest warmth.
Through you I find, in night, my rest, and find my greatest dreams.
Firefly, don't fly away, but fly closer to me.
I wish I knew from where you came, for I would go there too.
Maybe I could leave this place and fly away with you.
No longer would I feel pain or sorrow, or have to hope for a better tomorrow,
Firefly, we'll create new light, when our dreams and paths collide.
Now that we're together, we can use our light to create
a new form of beauty that no one else could recreate
Firefly, you take the nights and make me feel like I'm awake,
And even though your in my dreams, I know that you could not be fake.
And if you truly aren't real, then poison me so I never wake.
Firefly, your the reason why I feel alive in the darkest nights.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to right his poem by a personal dream about a firefly. I was sitting under a tree with a lantern that kept going out. A firefly danced gracefully in front of me smiling.
I woke up and realized that even in the darkest nights, the hardest times, there is always a beauty somewhere within.

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