December 26, 2011
By MusicalDonna PLATINUM, None Of Your Business, California
MusicalDonna PLATINUM, None Of Your Business, California
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"Never be afraid to get kicked in the teeth. Let the blood and the bruises define your legacy." ~ Lady Gaga

Does what I say unsettle you?
Disturbed by my flaws,
And it all matters, everything you saw
And the angel's grace upsets you
Pay no attention to what shouldn't be in mind
Upon yourself you deceive losing time
And what I say troubles you?

Is it the way that I smile
Disturbs your every thought
I said pay no interest to what matters not
I'll only love you if you love me
Bear no interest to my actions
Idle your time to assess your own actions
And what I say bothers you?

Does what I say mystify you?
If you're truly troubled,
Just try to go below every syllable
I wouldn't expect you to comprehend me
If you're truly baffled, disregard what I reply
Nothing could ever meet the eyes
But it could if what I say doesn't bother you.

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