The Seasons Exemplify a Blissful Carousel of Diversity

December 7, 2011
The winter welcomes us to the New Year and
frozen, frosty days;
our loving hearts warm the air.
Children frolic outside and
snowmen smile back
at the rosy cheeked with sparkling eyes;
toasty hot chocolate warms our spirits.

In the spring we rise
to sunny, serene daylight.
Children prance excitedly,
the renewed nature welcomes all ages.
Come one come all.
Fresh flower scents refresh the earth with peace.

The summer invites us to celebrate
balmy, bright days.
When the sun sets late,
the sparkling stars gleam upon us.
Children skip freely,
all of the fun activities continue into the evening;
the summer allows time for self expression
and special festivities.

In the fall we wake
to crisp, cool daylight.
Children play animatedly and
the outdoors greets the youth through the elders alike.
Come one come all.
A time of giving thanks unites mankind.

Diversity abounds us
throughout the year
like the ever changing seasons,
a myriad of colors, beliefs and religions,
that surround us daily.
Earth is a fabulous model
that mankind can follow
to joyfully
embrace and appreciate all
individual uniqueness!

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