the tricky love

December 16, 2011
He looks at me then looks away.I look at him and look away.
He smiles at me ,i smile at him.
He flirts with me,I flirt back.
My friends say he like me, but how can i be sure?
He treats me differently than he treats the other girls.
He tells me everything.I tell him everything.
It is a tricky love.
He is the only guy that can calm me down.
When i am with him im me .
When im with him nothing els matters.
Why wont he ask me out?
Why wont he understand?
Does he feel the same way?
Is this in my head?
does he only like me as a friend?
Sure he tells my friends he likes me,but does he mean it?if so,why Wont he ask? hes confused.I am confused.
It is a tricky love

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