December 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Yes, this is randomness.
I am full of nonsense.
Because of my boredomness.
Haha, yes I laugh at myself.
When I’m being random.
I say stuff like unicorns.
Yes, you heard correctly.
I said unicorns.
Unicorns are horses with horns.
Christofer Drew is drop dead gorgeous too.
Christofer Drew I love you.
Unicorns are my favorite animal.
And white tigers too.
I’m full of nonsense
And randomness.
And boredomness too.
Haha, I laugh at you.
Why do you laugh at my randomness, boredomness, nonsense?
It’s because I love Christofer Drew.
Haha to you too.
I love him. She loves her.
He loves him but they get hurt.
They love him but he loves her.
They are drama but not a bummer.
Sing to your momma.
Dinosaurs, Meggasaur, Haha, Peggasaurs.
You know this is random.
So why do you adore?
She knows them. They know him.
Haha dinosaur, Meggasaur, Peggasaurs, Haha Veggasaur.
Bacon Hawk Haha yes bacon hawk.
Bacon Hawks are bacon is the shape of hawks.
Randomness is all I’m full of.
Please do adore.

The author's comments:
I like being really random, it's a part of me.

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