Stolen Dreams

December 15, 2011
By agarza1894 BRONZE, Tolleson, Arizona
agarza1894 BRONZE, Tolleson, Arizona
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I kill, I steal.
I make you believe in things that aren’t real.
I harness your will-power and make you hear voices.
Don’t blame me, these were your choices.
I break you apart from your family, no lie.
I leave you alone in the world to die.
There are bugs under your skin.
Your body’s too thin.
Friends? Forget it.
Your brain? You don’t need it.
I am the only thing that you need.
In your head, I plant a seed.
You see things in corners of dark rooms.
You see evil witches mounting dusty old brooms.
But you see, that’s just a part of my plan.
Because although not everyone is a fan,
I will steal your life from you, I swear.
And apart from those rotting teeth you wear,
People did love you, but not anymore.
You abused those people until they were sore.
Why you abused them, people ask?
It’s because I gave you that horrible task.
One day you might be rotting in jail.
It was because of me, you’ll tell.
But it’s too late, the damage has been done.
It’s over and I have won.
Nice to have met you.
I won’t ever forget you.
Love, Meth.

The author's comments:
I watched this happen to somebody that I was very close to.

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