where my soul lies

December 15, 2011
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Where my Soul lies
I sat there looking at the ants,
Wondering why they never ate outside their home,
Wondering why they had to carry every prey back to their little hole,
Wondering what fascinates them about their little hole,
Wondering what the significance of their little hole is to them.

Then it finally hit me while I was wondering,
I asked myself why I felt the same way as the ants,
Why I still called a place I left years ago my home,
It wasn’t very comfortable there, but yet I still call it my home,
Why? Why? Why? I thought for days.

Then it finally hit me while I was thinking,
Home is not where I find comfort but where my soul lies,
Home is what makes me what I am, about to be and will be,
Home is the womb that holds the soul.
Home is where my throne lies.

That moment I understood the ants,
No matter how far I am from home,
No matter how filled I am in a strange land,
No matter how much good and comfort I find in a strange land,
I will always have to go back home.

From that moment, I prayed to my savior saying the words,
Take my hand,
And I will close my eyes,
Guide me home dear Lord
Guide me to the place where my soul lies,
This new dream I forever will leave till it comes through.

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