Young Simba

December 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Son, look in the mirror and tell me what you see?
Does your perception accept the vision of a cub wanting to be king?
I want manliness to sculpt out your entire being
Because to watch his son become a man is every father's dream
Walk with some swagger, but don't look mean, add some laughter
Smile to make it worthwhile so people remember you the day after
Take strong steps to really assert your power
And catch everything thrown at you to show athletic prowess
When you stare, make sure to make your eyes look bold
So you're fulfilling the requirements by the time you're seven-years old
Take the garbage out at night and bring it back in the morning
And try not to shed a tear when everyone else is mourning
This is how you catch a ball, and this is how you shoot it
This is how you shoot a gun without hitting anyone with the bullet
I don’t want you to become a gang banger or dope slanger
That kills silence with the sound of sirens attracted to his violence caused by unnecessary anger
I want you to receive a proper education
With no hesitation, so you can prove the nonbelievers wrong with an exclamation
And as I'm watching you mature
I try not to think about you walking out the door
But for now, you're a mere child
Who's got the essential potential to show off real talent
Just because you're a boy doesn’t mean you have to be dirty
I'll be checking on you later to make sure that you heard me
Rinse, lather, repeat twice to look nice
Maintain the mane so be careful when you wash your hair
And though it's a minor detail, don't forget behind your ears
Be a gentleman and be respectful when you talk to girls
Because remember, a beautiful woman brought you into this world
Make sure to be a man in every situation
Not losing your man card should be your only motivation
Take every opportunity you have and seize it
Take every opponent you have and beat them
Listen closely; I’ll let you in on a little secret
Women love a winner, especially if you have a little sweetness
Take deep breaths when you're mad, don't let anger get the best of you
When demons take over, an angel will be there to rescue you
Be accepting of every single thing that is out there
If you have a gay cousin, just sit there and don't care
I don't want to hear derogatory terms coming out of your mouth
If I do, get ready for me to kick your a** out
I definitely don’t want you to be judgmental
You may be solid as a rock, but you can be as stupid as a pebble
If me and Mommy ever decide to split
Promise me your views of me will not change a bit
Because daddy loves you and that’s all I want in return
You being raised right is my top priority and my number one concern
It's weird how fast the time passes
Now you're in high school, figuring out your classes
You're old enough to party, so I’ll give you your first beer, but stay away from the liquor
I'm fine with you drinking, as long as you don't try to kill your liver
You're getting older, but there's still much more ahead
No longer a cub, I’ll refer to you as a prince instead
You're going to want to drive and maybe go out on dates
Requirements for manhood, so for me, that's okay
But you're mom will need convincing, she might even yell
But you'll be fine since your old man is always here to help
You probably got your first kiss, might have gotten in her pants
But, boy, be ready just in case the feelings don't last
But prove me wrong, son, make her fall for you
Make her heart melt like a solvent in the right solute
When you ask her clan for her hand, laugh with the dad and promise the mother
That you'll protect her daughter and that you will always try to love her
I told you to respect women and that's what you will do
And when times get rough, I know you'll make it through
You're doing good, bro, you're actually pretty close
And the play known as boyhood is coming to a close
The crowd starts to clap, the fans start to cheer
And you can replace the whole ocean with this one father's tear
You becoming older was always set in stone
You have a great job and a family of your own
Thanks a lot, son, you fulfilled my dream
Because you, Young Simba, have finally become a king

The author's comments:
I believe the bond between a father and his son should be unbreakable. I chose the title "young Simba" because "The Lion King" is my #1 favorite movie of all time and it really shows the bond that i'm hoping i'll have with my child.

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