December 1, 2011
By Pramsay SILVER, Madeira, Ohio
Pramsay SILVER, Madeira, Ohio
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What’s most important in this world?
All you need is truth, love, and peace
Simple concept but in the human reality, complex
We are the same beings, living together
Those who are noble must seek unity to avoid destruction

Who do you think I am?
When thoughts and words are equal
Then you will know what’s true
I don’t say things just to do so
I want to know you for what you are

People are cruel; Where is the love?
If your love is mutual
Nothing else seems to matter
Its about being self-less
Would you die for the one you love?

Why does anyone have to die?
Because of people filled with violence
Peace. Back by popular demand?
Symbols mean nothing, if they’re just for show
I’m an American, I dream for peace
That’s what it should be, until then I cannot rest

Why are we naturally evil?
The broken are vengeful, looking to break
We need to be strong, so we can forgive
In the end, are you really righteous?
This world troubles me.

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