November 30, 2011
By DanteTveitan SILVER, Hilliard, Ohio
DanteTveitan SILVER, Hilliard, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"A misanthrope I can understand- a womanthrope never." -Oscar Wilde

<center>Drifting on the Midnight sea
<center>The direction of the waves carry me
<center>Beauteous the Moon was She
<center>Drawing in tides as well as me.

<center>Capricious in eccentricity;
<center>The Eburnean Moon Nocturnally,
<center>Seductively, Captured me, 
<center>As my adoration becomes the sea...

<center>Why can the Night not last for we?
<center>Eternal Queen She would be
<center>But the day will soon come eminently
<center>Governed by the sun of mediocrity.

<center>But no sun could end our hellish jubilee
<center>To wax, to wane, forever free
<center>I become the waves, an escapee 
<center>Forever more I wait for Thee...

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