One more breath of air

December 7, 2011
By zondra BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
zondra BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Live like theres no tomorrow." "The future belongs to those who believe in thier dreams"

May death do us part until we meet again, I loved you! And I told you that's not a sin, You should have believed me and never told the cops, now I'm in jail to rot. You were 12 and I was 38, Our love is at a cliff, We shall negotiate. For now thou shall write, I know we are at war, But I always want more. You know what I appreciate, My friend told me something, So now I hope we both die of a sin. Then thou shall meet again, and love, love, love until our hearts content. Our love like fire, as strong as the wind, We fight but we never know who wins. Then I shall kill thou and see him in he**.

Flowers are good, Flowers are great, But I can't figure out why there so gray. Every time someone dies, There around to improvise, and provide.

“ Kill them with kindness.” Every body says, But you kill them with kindness, They drown you with hatred and beat you. You turn evil, when it's your turn to strike, They beg for your forgiveness and cry,cry,cry until you can't take It anymore. CHECKMATE! You yell out, why weren't you just kind to me?! You bromidic pig.

Water drop, Water drop, On my window, Why must you cry, Did someone die? Why must you make our window dirty, Do you hate our car?

Beautiful words my love, For thou shall love and kill. Can you believe my father said, “ you were the wick-en and I was the witch.” Can you believe that sexist imbecile?.

WE hear gun shots before the dance, I yell out, “ Why lord! Must you glance?” As we dance I feel him grip tighter then he lets go HA HA HA, dancing with dead bodies.

“ Dangle, Dangle,” Off my celling. The wall reads, GRACE WAS HERE. They walk in and scream. “ Dangle, Dangle,” Off my celling. The wall reads, RED WAS HERE. They walk in and scream. “ Dangle, Dangle,” Off my celling. My soul and body are still here. “ Dangle, Dangle,” Off my celling.

“Voices, Voices” in my head telling me to kill? I hear stabbing through the next room. “Voices, Voices” in my head telling me to kill? “ Jenn! How could you kill dad!” “Voices, Voices” in my head telling me to kill.

Tin, Tin, Bang, Bang,
Scream,scream, Boom, Boom, Stab, Stab, Scream, Scream,Quite, Quite, Dead, Dead.

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It's cool

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