December 22, 2011
By CUTEc SILVER, Saint George, Utah
CUTEc SILVER, Saint George, Utah
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ONCE UPON A TIME...in a land faraway
lived a boy with no home
or a place to stay
they say he was as mean
as the sun is hot
but they didn't get to know
the shine behind the rot
he was sincere in his work
giving time to elderly
and the littler kids with bumps
or perhaps a scraped knee
he never thought once
about his life in the street
and he never once complained about the people he would meet
well one day this boy got taken
to a place he didn't know
by some people in a van
with those windows that don't show
he was scared and quite amazed
by the swiftness of the wheels
as they rushed him through a town
that was built upon some hills
he could hardly wait to see
of the place he would call home
with these men in baggy suits
and a pocket with a comb
when the gates approached the car
he was shooken with delight
for the place that was his own
was a house full of light
awaiting his return
for almost a fortnight
for you see this little boy
had two parents and a place
that he left for their own good
at a not so speady pace
they were almost dead with fear
when one morning he was gone
they didn't know that he'd ran
to a field after dawn
his great escape changed many lives
he had helped with a great cause
sacrificing his own time
to be a poor kids Santa Claus
he bought presents with his shoes
and exchanged his clothes for food
running up and down
in nothing but the nude
just so one precious soul could have his one and only wish
to recieve a helping hand
in eating his last dish
he was dying long before the other boy had a chance
to find him in the ruins
in a solid perfect stance
taking shards to his head
to protect another one
a little girl with no mom
and heat stroke from the sun
so you see the pattern here
about the service we can give
by sacrifising life and time
just like Jesus did
one last thought before I close
did you ever think to pray
for the one that you call lost
or the one who's not seen day
well this darkness needs to end
so you should be the light
overtaking all that's bad
in a devastating night
so I bid you a farewell
and dont forget to send
all the listeners away
with a magical... THE END

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