lleave me alone or ill get u

December 22, 2011
By deadly PLATINUM, Bloomingdale, Michigan
deadly PLATINUM, Bloomingdale, Michigan
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haters make me famous, blood on the dance floor

i got friends by my side

i know u like me but dude

leave me alone

i may not be able to kill u but i know who can

i got friends in this lil old world

they stand for what they believe in

u wanna try an hurt me now

ull have to face the big man

leave me alone or ill get u

i know 2 people who will kill u

if they wanted i would tell them yes

but if they know me better they will go to it on there owns

yep imma witch but i dont wanna be anywhere near u

ur not my friend

ur no my boy friend

ur nothin to me

no bye again


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