December 19, 2011
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Music flows through my body like a psychedelic
mixture of hormones and heat and sex
Of emotion and ecstasy and energy, gushing like crimson
waves that drench me, soak
through my pores, breaking down
my barriers
letting me loose freeing me engulfing me
in a rainbow of feelings and memories
Music playing in citrus colors
tangerine and fuchsia and grape-fruit
kaleidoscopic swirls gushing through me, fueling
every cell, becoming a part
of my bloodstream my essence my inner soundtrack
like electric sparks racing
up my body
buzzing and bubbling
all over, in my head
in between my legs
Every beat a thousand mini-explosions
the climax and cadence of the music
like the ebb and flow of my heart, the rise
and fall of my emotions, swaying like crazy
leaving me begging for release, begging for more
my every cell a hundred million electrons vibrating
in frenzy sending me over the edge as the music takes
control flooding through me surging through me uncontainable
unrestrained and uncontrolled a force so overwhelming, pouring
out of me like sweat and hunger and desire till I'm bursting
to let go, to explode, to scream out loud
and finally it comes:

the release

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fats_24 said...
Jan. 13, 2012 at 12:02 pm
it's so true and it's expressed so beautifully!
BlaiseBellyDance said...
Dec. 28, 2011 at 5:01 pm
this made me smile, and nothing has made me smile for a few days. thank you! music gets me through everything, and can change my outlook on any situation... it's in my blood, part of my soul. i haven't seen anyone express what music does to them in a way that doesn't take away music's meaning, until now.. you've really done it justice.
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