Little Doll

December 17, 2011
ittle doll, little doll won't you come play?

I see you with the blood dripping down your face

little doll i see the scars and bruises on your arms

dark as death is your make-up

ripped up stockings

stitches across your face

I see the pain in you

You were an innocent little doll

beautiful and happy as a fluttering butterfly,

you slowly turned dark and sad as a dead fairy

The blood trickling down your face and your dark make-up smearing

Hell is where you live

it is home to you

You are just a doll

they say

they control you

they make you do what they want you to do

you have no control of your life or your body

its like you are a robot when around them

you cry as they pass you around like a party favor instread of who you are

beaten, and unwillfully ravaged you are thrown out the door

I see you covered in blood you go to a bathroom

take a razor and wield the knife on your side

You put pitch black makeup on

You used to be so pretty and happy

Now you feel dead and controlled

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