Distant Desire

December 15, 2011
By Fritzophrenic BRONZE, Johns Creek, Georgia
Fritzophrenic BRONZE, Johns Creek, Georgia
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So many a night does loneliness strike
my inner-most heart and soul,
that I take to the chilly air in no direction at all
until the feelings become nothing but dull.
When I am familiar to nothing it not to be,
I slow my crazy, blind run.
My heart in my ears, my eyes look skywards
‘till the stars disappear to make room for the sun.
So many pure diamonds and grimy silver coins
who call attention with their sparkle and shine;
no matter the place nor the number of those above
your brilliant beauty entrances me every time.
Thousands of miles that stretch between the two of us
is a reminder of the impossibility.
Still i reach without cause or thought toward your powerful glow
in an attempt to grasp your thoughts and personality.
I reach further and further, my opaque arm strains with desire,
yet it goes no further and blocks your comfortable light.
Dark like the sky where you reside, my mind is overcome with sadness,
and so I retract my hand just to keep you in sight.

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