The Girl In the Smiling Mask

December 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Sometimes the ones who talk the most, laugh the loudest, and seem to have the most fun are really the ones trying to fill the silence, hold back tears, and cover the scars that are too many to count. When the truth comes out, it's passed of as malicious lies. Surely no one as happy as her could ever do something like that. Or could she? The smile that's a little too wide, the laugh that's a little too loud, and the meaningless chatter that seems to surround her a little too often are all a part of the mask she wears to hide the damage that everyday life has done to her mind, body, heart, and soul. Her fantasy journeys and impossible compositions are distractions from the pain inflicted by the people she loves. When you don't notice the difference, she knows her mask is still in place. You never see the pain in her eyes, or how red her face is from the tears she was shedding just before you saw her. Her mask still fits... for now.

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