December 15, 2011
By PimpY BRONZE, Millersville, Pennsylvania
PimpY BRONZE, Millersville, Pennsylvania
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Two little fur balls pouncing around the room,
Pondering at me with golden almond shaped eyes.
Tails higher then their heads, twitching,
Letting me know they're ready to hunt.

With feline stance they await.
The mouse is thrown,
Casting across the room.
Jolting black and gray figures run after the toy,
With the sound of jingling from their necks.

With only only mouse the must fight.
They circle each other.
Fast like a ninja,
The one tackles the other:

Biting at her neck, she gives out a horrific hiss.
Bats at his face to move him.
Both standing on hind legs readying to swat,
Until someone gives up.

Creeping back to me with mouse in mouth.
Drops and purrs,
Rubbing against my arms knowing to pet them.
The friction of sand paper kisses lets me know of victory.

I pamper them like royalty,
Cherish them like family.
The are mysterious little things.
With warming meows my heart sinks to these god like creatures.

Two strays outside my window,
Pondering at each other with dead set eyes.
Tails high, standing hairs on their backs.
They are ready to fight.

With feline stand the await
For one to make a move.
A lifeless mouse lies between them.
Winner gets to feed.
Sounds of gargling come from their necks.

With only one mouse they must fight.
The start to circle each other.
Quick like a fox,
The one tackles the other:

Biting at her neck, ignoring her screams.
Bats at his face, scaring his eye.
Both stand on hind legs ready to shield blood,
Until someone gives up.

Creeping back to the place it called shelter with mouse in mouth.
Drops and preys,
Eating the mouse in solitude.
Curled up licking its pawls knowing they need to be cleaned.

No one to pamper them,
Their pack is their only family.
They are lonely, misunderstood ferals.
My heart breaks to the cries of these god like creatures.

The author's comments:
I love cats.

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