December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Just as man intended
A secret is quiet
A silent whisper in the motionless air
A secret creeps, slowly
It inches its way into the minds of each of its victims
It clouds the mind
Consumes all thoughts
Destroys all things good
No matter its intentions
A secret is dark
And if even the best of men can spawn a secret
Then who are we to say
To decide
Who is good
Who are we to decide a person’s worth
To judge
If not us
Then who
Some say God
Some say there is no God
Must we be the ones to judge
Must we, the creators of secrets, of darkness and evil
Judge the lives of other men
Based on the few truths we know to be true
For as long as man lives
Secrets live
And while secrets live
Darkness is alive
And evil is waiting

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the ingenuity of the human race. If people had any respect for others or self respect, they would try to live their lives out to their fullest potential. Sadly, secrets exist because of humiliation and fear of being judged. Secrets inspired me.

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