Simply Me

December 14, 2011
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Standing on the sideline
For her chance to play
The horn sounds ending the game
She didn’t get in but acts as if it’s okay

Walking across the field she looks upset
She is stuck in the middle of her


Standing on opposite sides of the field
She sighs at her dad’s presence

The pain and hurt of the divorce
Is fresh like an open wound
Slow to heal
Leaving a scar

She arrives home to find her
Homework is piled everywhere

Sprawled out on the floor
She looks at it and glares

She finishes what she has to
And goes to bed knowing
She will be waking up in eight hours
Only to do it all again

The alarm sounds and she gets up
Throws on jeans and a hoodie
Packs her bags
And leaves for school

Greeted by tests and homework
She stares blankly at her teachers
Bored and annoyed she does her work
Knowing that she has to do well in school

Guys think of her as the “best friend”
Girls think that she athletic and nice
But they all know she likes to joke around

She gets through the day
By texting her friend whose at college
Talking to the friends she sees
And getting back tests she wished
She had studied more for

The bells rings and
She walks to the locker room
Puts on her jersey
And goes to the field

The game starts
She is right back to where she started
For her chance to play

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