December 9, 2011
By coopdog BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
coopdog BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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I once had
A boxing glove
That I loved
It fit my hand like a glove
Red yellow and green my glove was
Then they made a metal glove
And I really wanted that metal glove
It was perfect and gold plated with spikes
But I loved my boxing glove
I threw it away, bye boxing glove
But I didn’t like the metal glove
So I tried a baseball glove
It was a blue silk glove
Then a biking glove
It was neon pink
I thought yes but my hand said no
None of them are as good as my first glove
So I had to dispose of them
And wait for another boxing glove
I got it finally the boxing glove
Then I lost it

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