She Fell.

November 12, 2011
Drip... drip... drip...
The drops from the drain match the rain outside.
This is where is starts.
Fear and sadness crash like waves,
And her whole sanity departs.

Again, she proceeds to dance with the devil,
Sweet girl, avert his gaze,
As he twirls your heart to whole new levels.

She was right to love him,
He was wrong to throw her in the ocean
Of which she couldn't swim.

His memory remains,
Kisses that scream Don't trust me.
This became star crossed,
The minute she entered his darkness.

She quivers in her memory.
Cold sweat upon hot.
The agony pours out of her heart,
With every time he impales.
He was the knife that punctured her shell,
That had the nerve to twist his blade.

She's so loud, but doesn't make a sound.
She feels his breath upon her neck.
Is this hell?
The more she shakes,
with every shiver,
With everything she never meant to give away.

Fatigued from this fight.
This isn't the way this was supposed to go,
It stings even more than his venomous bite.
She closes her eyes and screams in her mind.
It was he that was the demon, not she,
How could she have been so blind?

Her heart pours with eternal proclaimations of love,
This undeserving devil,
As she watches him kill her inside from above.
Finally he's finished his work,
She lays numbed,
As he shoots her a smirk.

Don't worry, love, its over now.
Someday the storm will pass,
And we will learn to live with this somehow.
Lies look so beautiful in the dark,
He surpassed them all,
As his blade left a spark.

Every little tear fell for him,
Every heartstring he pulled,
Made a loving life so grim.
He's a ticking time bomb,
He'll come again to claim his prize,
But for now it's calm.

She should have never held him up so high,
Idolized him as a god,
He should have stopped with the look in her eye.
The devil does not care,
Stealing her life,
But never really there.

She hides away, as he claims the dark corners of her mind,
Away she ran, as quickly as she could,
While never looking behind.
She was high above them,
Flying with the angels,
But forever condemned.

She makes a ball on the floor,
He was good enough for her,
But he always took more.
Peace finally falls over her,
Comes in waves,
Until it finally reaches her center.
She never looks down from her shell,
Careful not to let him know,
How hard she really fell.


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