Even In Deatth

December 7, 2011
By Twavis SILVER, Marionville, Missouri
Twavis SILVER, Marionville, Missouri
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We used to laugh, get in trouble, we were invincible, taking on the world. But that all changed in an instant, now you're gone, my best friend, never again will I see your face. The days we spent laying under the tree in your yard, lazy summer afternoons, movie nights and play fights. How could you leave me here? to face the world? All on my own, I love you and I hate you. I loath you but envy you. I miss you. When will it stop hurting? the weight of the world crashing down on me. Crushing me, Suffocating me, Plunging me into a world of darkness. I am haunted by images of the accident. I have nightmares, I watch it happen over and over again, but i cant stop it. No one can hear my screams, I suffer in silence. You were my only friend, the only one that understood that the world was out to get me. Now you're gone, I'm alone, nowhere to turn, nowhere to run. I tried everything to forget you and take the pain away, Drinking, Smoking, Drugs, and I even tried ending it and joining you....twice. But no matter how deep I cut the blood was never enough to mask the pain. I will never forget you, because fate won't let me. Everyday I'm haunted by your cross, just across the road from school. I wish you were here..............I hope somehow you're still out there. watching me. Even in death you've changed my life.

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