crowded room

December 7, 2011
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I sit among a crowded room one full of bright shinning faces.each and everyday they laugh and sing and play. i sit in the back silent study is what i prefer. i watch them and i learn them by every move they make i wonder if they notice every single note i take. there are three groups within this room each special in its own way.the first is so bright and chipper high pitched not very intelligent but still happy and together. the second is even larger they stick to themselves and talk about everyone not the best bunch to be around and rather rude. the third is outgoing spontaneous and full of life they dress rather strange as do i but they are where my legance lie this group is mine and we stick together we do not judge anyone and we don't hurt others. we sit in the back and write our poems,books,article's music. you see this room is crowded full of strangers and friends . this room is a crowded place but i know every face

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