The Second Half

December 9, 2011
By Anonymous

It was in the second half, and we were tied one to one.
The pressure was on as the other team charged down the field.
They came towards me, passing through my defenses’ legs.
I knew a few more steps and I would be on my own.
Just me and him.
He took the shot.
But I was already there,
Sliding towards him,
Bringing the ball into my arms and running to the eighteen.
With a quick kick, the ball soared through the air and straight to our forward.

But really, it was probably only in the first half.
And we probably weren’t even tied.
And when the other forwards came down the field, it was rather clumsy.
The forward’s shot really wasn’t all that great,
And the only reason I slid was because I tripped.
Over my own two feet, of course.
And I may have dropped the ball before going to the eighteen.
And when I punted it, it actually just went to the other forward.

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