Can You Hear the Sunrise

December 8, 2011
By Vfyre SILVER, Alpine, Utah
Vfyre SILVER, Alpine, Utah
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Can you hear the sunrise

Or taste its purple ring?
Can you see its music

Or feel its glory sing?
Yes, you can see,

And you can hear;
You can taste

And smell and feel.
I alone will never see,

will never hear

will never be.
My eyes and ears—by Nature wrought—

will never hear

will never see.
But in my heart—by Rulers sought—

I see, I hear,

I feel, I am.
Oh in my heart I hear the sun,

I see its song

I feel it run
across the notes which string my soul—

A part of me,

A note so full.
I taste it in my wildest dreams
I smell it, touch its golden gleams.

You with your ears and with your eyes

Will never see its richest rise.

For sight is nothing,

noise is vain
All’s written in the heart, so plain.

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