So Far from Tomorrow

December 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Lost out here and so far from reality,
a black hole of regrets,
tied with strings of doubt,
smothered by what use to be so real,
caught up in all that's fake,
stricken by the fear that everything will consume me,
that every secret will come to an end,
scared to face what I am,
to look in that dreadful mirror of despair,
only to see the wreak that I've become,
just waiting for that moment to hear that voice scream back,
telling me all my faults,
releasing all my nightmares along with my dreams,
capturing me in a tornado of visions,
kissing me with memories,
and scaring me with truths,
but the more I wait
the more I'm killing myself from the inside out,
so I try to bring myself back,
try not to get lost in oceans of bad thoughts,
and give myself room to breath,
and to wait for what tomorrow my bring.

The author's comments:
My thoughts of being lost in nothing bad bad things.

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