Everytime we wait

December 8, 2011

Every time
Every hour
Every minute
We wait for life to get
We wait
And wait
Until it is
It never comes
Until you are ready
Hopefully it will
We yell
We cry
We shout
We frown
How long will it last
Until happiness arrives
Its there but isn’t close enough to feel
We want it to reach the surface
We use pretend, fake happiness to hide sadness
Exploring what you really are feeling is hell
Soon it will pass
We don’t know how long it will take
Time seems like forever when you feel like you are in
You need to control what you can
It may seem hard
Until you make mistakes to learn from
Make many mistakes
Find the right answers to life
Look through the shadows of the anger and rage
Look for the light that you take to make it through

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