Little More Time

December 8, 2011
By redsoxgirl913 BRONZE, Hampton, New Hampshire
redsoxgirl913 BRONZE, Hampton, New Hampshire
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Little droplets fell from my face for hours
I would feel her soft gentle touch whip them away
She would sit there next to me never saying a word
She’d wrap her loving arms around me

She constantly listened to my unsteady breathing
At night she’d snuggle up next to me and listen to my heart
Tears would fall from her beautiful face seeping through my shirt
I’d rub her back softly hoping she would fall asleep

I would stay up for hours at night watching her sleep
I’d cry when I realized I wouldn’t be able to do this much longer
I couldn’t understand why this was happening
I loved her more than anything in the whole world

She hated seeing me hurting ‘cause of her
She always worried more about me then her own self
She would act like nothing was wrong or happening
I’d put a smile on my face to make her happy

As days went by she became more fragile
As days passed she looked less like my baby girl
It grew harder to be in the same room as her
But I couldn’t leave her side, so I’d stay

Every day she would try so hard to be like my old baby
She always wanted to be held in my arms
She continued to listen to my breaking heart
As the nights worn on the tears that fell increased

Throughout the days she’d always whisper I’m sorry
She tried to be as strong as she could be for me
Whenever I looked at her the tears would begin to form
Whenever I looked at her my heart would break

She was supposed to be all mine always and forever
I never thought that forever would end so soon
It was my worst nightmare forming right in front of me
I could never close my eyes long enough to sleep

I would watch her chest move up and down
I cherished every single breath she took in
I listened to every one of her heart beats that I could
I took in everything about her in a deep breath

Tears started streaming down her face one day
She whispered softly saying I’m sorry and I love you
I didn’t understand what she meant by that
She whispered one last thing to me quietly

It’s still hard for me to sleep at night
Images of her fragile body run through my mind
I played the sound of her heart beats constantly
I looked at the pictures of her just to see her smile

The stars shine brightly tonight sparkling all across the sky
I sit on the porch looking up at them shimmering
I replay the last words she said to me telling me to let her go
Now sitting here I wish that I had a little more time…with her

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