December 8, 2011
By nomenclature BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
nomenclature BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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The glass looks like spider webs at your failed attempt to reach me
I watch you between the cracks and your face distorted by the broken
And in my mind there is blood
In my eyeballs, pouring from your mouth
It soaks the snow below you, soaking your tennis shoes
I am behind glass
Splintered at your anger

There are candles here to keep the dark at bay
Their shadows dance on my skin making every secret corner familiar ground to your eyes
There are more
There are more like you
They paw at the glass around me, itch to feel my pulse
I do all I can to keep mine lit
Your lights went out long ago

Fists pound rhythm to your screams
While spiders work hard
Creating lines in my security that will give way to flooding
I am not quite afraid
There was a time before this
But the trees were trembling long ago
The leaves fell and we could have seen it coming
If we’d have opened our eyes

I won’t move or look away
There is beauty in this terror I can’t stand to miss
There is creation in this madness
I will wait to be destroyed
Shards begin to fall near my feet as I sit
Reaching my hand to yours feeling the coldness between us
That used to be sparks
They lit up and burnt
Taking your life and leaving mine to this isolation
Biding time till I am found

And now it has happened
My glass cage of candles in the middle of these woods
Has been spotted after all this time
There was a whole world to search for this one light in shadows
You have found me and there is nothing more to do
I have been waiting
It trembles, it crashes
Glass falls like rain and like tears it slices
This is all you’ve longed for
Lusted the world around
Drink me in
I am yours
There is nothing more to be done

Dead fingers paw my outsides
Digging deeper looking for life to restore their own
I have nothing to give
You terrorized my sanctuary
I was frozen waiting for you
You planted seeds of need in me
Broke my skin when they bloomed
I am open, I am raw
I am ready to be taken
You scratched away my minds mantle
Destroyed everything I’d come to be
But I would have shared my candles
If you would have let me

The author's comments:
It's about my relationship with my mom.

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