A Letter to you

December 8, 2011
By BlackPhoenix GOLD, North Bennington, Vermont
BlackPhoenix GOLD, North Bennington, Vermont
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Lonely am I
My hart doth sink
Cast from the company of thy
Like the insurable stink

With you gone
I am forlorn
I wish for you with ever dawn
But thou dost not come, I morn

You held my hart
Deeply so
But now we part
I can’t let you go

It’s been many a day
Sine we last spoke
But you wont stay
Even when I provoke

The minds of humanity
Are putty to me
But not of thee
Cant you not see

I cannot command you
And I know not why
But your vaccine is true
Free from me to fly

Your will is strong
And we are unique
I have felt like this long
But to speak it to weak

For you take away
What others give
If by you I stay
I can just barley live

We do have in common
But much more opposed
Like the proverbial shaman
Or the paths we have chose

I have known you
For many years now
I wish to tell it true
But don’t know how

How can I tell
How I feel
I am not well
Not like water nor steel

Maybe I am, to young to think
I write with quill of dove
And letters of ink
But in words, I know not of love

Without rhyme or reason
Nor knowing why I care
Like the changing of the season
I just know it’s there

All I can say
And have it be true
Is no matter the day
I will never not love you

So like I said before
Since I said it in the title too
This for ever more
Is my letter to you

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