Where My Mom Is From

November 15, 2011
By xoKaTexo BRONZE, Johnston, Iowa
xoKaTexo BRONZE, Johnston, Iowa
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My mom is from Chef Boyardee
Mac N Cheese
Just her and her brother
Every night

My mom is from worn out clothes
The consignment shop
1 or 2 dollars

My mom is from a teenage mother
Working all night
Every night
Just to pay the bills

My mom is from a small home
Childhood, burning to the ground

My mom is from a dead father
Only 12 years old
And her daddy is gone
All gone

My mom is from the school gym
Her new home
Clothes that are not hers
Toys that were never hers

My mom is from long nights at grandmas
The only place she could abandon
And become a kid again

My mom is from stress
Piling on stress
Until she couldn't take it

My mom is from stay strong for your brother
He is just a kid
He doesn't know how to handle
All of this

My mom is from tears
That weren't allowed to escape
And a broken heart
That didn't know how to heal

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because we had to write a "Where I Am From" piece for English class. Since I thought my mother had a much more interesting childhood than I did, I asked my teacher if I could write my poem about my mother, and she said yes! I then went on to win the weekly "Poem Prize" for best poem in the class. Writing this piece was hard. Perhaps the hardest part was having to watch my mom cry as she read my final product. My mom is so proud of me, because all she wanted to be when she was younger was a writer, but she never went on and become a writer. She is glad that I am fulfilling our shared dream of me becoming a writer.

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