Devil Didn't See

November 15, 2011
By Alana96 BRONZE, Ponoka, Other
Alana96 BRONZE, Ponoka, Other
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Did it surprise u Im not who u thot I was? Did it surprise u that I dnt exactly stand for wat u thot I stood for? Did it surprise u that Im not exactly how I playd myself out to be? That the person u thot i was is actually nothing to wat I am.

Kiss the sky.
With a goodbye seal,
knowing the lurking shadows are near.
You sold your soul,
to the devil below.
Hoping he would help you through,
not knowing you'd have to bow adieu.
In the end you surrenderd to his dark engage.
Wishing the rest of your life away,
you didn't realize this soon you'd pay.
He's laughing now in your face,
but now it's time for the final case.
Open it up and peek inside,
your luck has changed like the tide.
The devil didn't see this coming,
now he's taunted dead and running.

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