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December 7, 2011
By Maybe1day BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
Maybe1day BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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Hair pulled back,
blouse ironed perfectly,
shoes polished to a clear shine.
My uniform spotless.

I take my role seriously
because honoring the fallen,
and the current,
is no easy task.

We march as one
even though we are four.
Executing each drill,
each motion,
each step
as one
even though four bodies
stand tall.

“Color Guard HARCH!”

The command is echoed out.
An electric buzz of adrenalin.
Each step
timed perfectly to the beat of cadence.

“Present HARMS!”

The unit colors dip in a salute
and the American flag is held high.
The National Anthem rings out.
Standing at attention,
tall and proud,
looking into infinity.

I feel honored
to hold such respect.
To carry so much pride
for our country.
“And the home of the brave.”

The crowd burst into cheers
and the veterans salute.
My mom’s eyes
water with proud tears.
My dad’s smile,
full of gleaming satisfaction.
A pat on the back from the major.
Congratulatory hand shakes
from others.

When everything is packed
and we head our separate ways,
I still feel the honor,
the adrenalin,
the respect,
surging through my veins.

After stripping from my starch hard blues
and melting in a warm shower,
I sit back happy
knowing I do what I love
and love what I do.

The author's comments:
I am on the color guard team for the civil air patrol and enjoy it very much. Military (next to art) is one of my biggest passion

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