What Happened To Us

October 24, 2011
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As I stare out my window
All I can see is the last trace of you
Everywhere I look your memory haunts me
The days spent together
And the many night spent dreaming
Our love in the starts
And our heads in the clouds

Everything I see,
Everything I do,
Can only remind me more of you;
My every thought thinks of you
The way my hand misses your touch

I should’ve know it wouldn’t last
But I had my dreams and hopes,
And you had yours
We were different in many ways
We thought this would last,
But deep down we knew it could never be

These things are the things of dreams
Nothing is as ever as good as they seem
It all starts out as a fairy tale
But then a sharp dose of reality hit
Then comes the fighting and out differences start to show

How long I thought this would last,
Was not something I dared think of
For then it would all be over
We’d act like it never happened,
And go on forgetting, forgetting
Like it all was just a dream…

Oh look what happened to you and me
I thought we were so good together,
But I guess I was mistaken
I should’ve known from the beginning where this all was headed
For we were wrong and now look what we’ve become

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