Christmas is near and with good Christmas cheer

December 12, 2011
Christmas is near with faith and delight hearing Christmas bells giggle so near like everything is just right.
Santa while on his way the Christmas deer are galloping with Christmas Cheer.
The folk in the world getting ready for the great cold decorating with full of Christmas cheer making every inch of their homes look so big and bright.
Christmas trees are all big fun and the best part is dancing around like happy kids and putting on the lights and of course the great angel of heights which brightens the great way for the great white snow to fly. There's snowmen Santa and deer and little helpers called elf's to help Santa gather all goodies near and far. With snow falling to the sweet ground it makes it so fun the little folks can play and runs and sled. Everyone near and far are all dancing around the their Christmas Trees and singing Christmas Carrels and drinking sweet hot coco with big white marsh mellows with goodies in site and while the big folks are getting the little folks in to bed for Santa to come and cheer they must sleep with great Christmas cheer and dream of the big great snow and all with happy cheer they all slept will on Christmas eve and we all say good dreams.

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