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December 11, 2011
By tumtum13 BRONZE, Broadview Hts, Ohio
tumtum13 BRONZE, Broadview Hts, Ohio
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My life, tiring and hard full of hates and
regrets cant figure the
concepts why o why is my life so hard
once it stops to rain i go outside.
every puddle i see i see the reflection of me
i see the reflection of me waiting to see what
will happen to me the day after today i don't
feel so gay i
go out to see what my life means to me but
once that puddle comes i see what know one
wants to see my reflection is missing
i don't want to be misleading so look under my
bed and you will see the meaning
I'm really sorry but my tI'me had come i made my
choice and my life is done oh my my let me write you
how sorry i am to see you sad it makes me mad I'm sorry
i did this i
know i will surely be missed i know your waiting for me to be
dissed heaven or @#$% i will always yell what oh what
have i done to me i want you to see
that this is all me the blame i see is know where close
to be please oh please just forget about me.
........... your life without me is much better to see

The author's comments:
this poem is explaining what kids that are bullied feel when
they don't have any where else to go
i am bullied a lot myself and that's why i could write this poem
i can relate because people call me chipmunk and they call me fat and
after awhile you actually start to believe it
this poem is not about me it is about what victims like myself feel like

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