Distant Memories

December 11, 2011
By AishaMarie BRONZE, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
AishaMarie BRONZE, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
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A friend accepts us as we are, yet helps us to be what we should
-author unknown

Floating, foreign memories curling about softly,
Playing around me like a beautiful melody.
They grab and tug wishing to make me remember
The lovely times of a distant September.
My memories coo and laugh; they charm and spin
All around me, just to trying to make me grin.
I push them away, but then they return
With different memories that ache and burn.
My heart throbs, but I still go unconvinced,
And I push them away, so I can reminisce
The happy memories that were soon faded away.
Overcome by sorrow and in burden they lay.
Pulsing still with colorful visions of life,
Heavy with my concerning weakness for strife,
Lay my desperate, faded memories
In hope for many different remedies
To cure the stiff strife they have collected
Over the years when I was being rejected.
My memories soon show what I need not see;
The life I had lived before I was set free.
My entire life flashed before my blue eyes;
Including the days I lived half disguised.
The memories I had wished would soon fade black,
Were now together, and prepared to attack.
I covered my eyes to block out the harsh view,
But still overflowing the memories spewed.
My tears seeped hastily through my lean fingers,
And still all the memories remained to linger.
I reached and I cried to the one who could save me,
But I have not been worthy of him lately.
Still he came and uncovered my blue eyes,
Kissed my head and smiled, making me realize
That not only love could stop this terrible scare,
But living and breathing and speaking each prayer.
Each prayer of forgiveness, please help me to learn
To forgive and forget each memory in turn.
They live in the past; your memories cause regret,
But please, my dear, don’t you ever forget,
The memories you loved and wished would stay
Until there is an end to the rest of your days.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece in English Class for our Writing Workshop unit!

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