I Don't Remember

December 10, 2011
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I don’t remember anymore
How you smell or the sound of your voice
Or how I fit perfectly in your arms
I don’t remember
Your touch or the way you smiled at me
I don’t remember
The way you looked at me with bright eyes
I don’t remember
The way you held by hand
Or slung your arm around my shoulders
I don’t remember
How you tickled me or held me in your lap
Or the way you tasted
I don’t remember your lips
Pressed against mine
I don’t remember
The way you ran your fingers through my hair
I don’t remember
Those simple words
I love you

I don’t remember anymore
Or feel any feeling
It’s all fuzzy confused and tinted
For the past seems better than it was
And the present worse than it is

Except for one thing
I remember
The way you touched my cheek
Wiping away the tears you had caused on that dreadful day
And I remember that feeling
Of pain, defeat, brokenness and longing

What a way to be remembered

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